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Victoria-terrace – 26 to 40 Charles Street Erskineville

26 to 40 Charles Street Erskineville – August 2015 This terrace row (26 to 40 Charles Street Erskineville) is comprised of eight, two-storey terraces on the eastern side of Charles Street (known as George Street prior to 1912). The terrace makes … Continue reading

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Eden Terrace – 10 to 14 Charles Street Erskineville

Eden Terrace (10 to 14 Charles Street Erskineville) is located on the eastern side of Charles Street (known as George Street prior to 1912), between the railway line and Albert Street. Originally a row of seven two-storey terraces, three remain today.

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The Macdonaldtown Station Picasso

Tragedy and the suffering inflicted upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians (and Picasso’s Guernica) (article: News Local Friday, 4 December 2015). Poor Macdonaldtown Station. It really has copped some flak over the years.

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Scott’s Emulsion – Dorothy Downes – A long and continually increasing record of mothers’ successes

In 1909 advertisements appeared around Australia telling the story of little Dorothy Downes of 7 George Street Erskineville (now 7 Charles Street Erskineville). From around May to November 1909 the following story was published of the return to health of the daughter … Continue reading

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Liver and Kidney Troubles – A Sydney Woman’s Trials

Here follows the story of Mrs. Ada Lord of 45 George Street (now 45 Charles Street) and the wonderful results she obtained from taking Dr Morse’s Indian Root Pills (there is more information about Dr Morse’s Indian Root Pills here). These … Continue reading

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Bill Murrell – The Tattooed Man of Erskineville

A man covered in tattoos makes headlines! You would be hard-pressed to find someone living in Erskineville these days without a tattoo – but in 1949 Bill Murrell’s unique tattoos were reported far and wide. Perhaps Bill’s tattoos from Europe, England … Continue reading

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The Great Newtown Land Sale – The Burren Estate

Here we have sales notices from the late 1850s for land in the northern part of Erskineville, bound on the South by Erskineville Road, on the North by Albert Street, and encompassing Burren Street; Charles Street (called George Street prior … Continue reading

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