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Arnott’s Living Pictures – Milton King – 19 Malcolm Street Erskineville

Milton King, (Son of Mrs. F. V. King) aged seven months of 19 Malcolm Street Erskineville first appeared in an advertisement for Arnott’s in about October 1900 and appeared regularly in newspapers across the country for the duration of 1901 and … Continue reading

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Scott’s Emulsion – Dorothy Downes – A long and continually increasing record of mothers’ successes

In 1909 advertisements appeared around Australia telling the story of little Dorothy Downes of 7 George Street Erskineville (now 7 Charles Street Erskineville). From around May to November 1909 the following story was published of the return to health of the daughter … Continue reading

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A Startling Incident! Miraculous Escape and Salvation of a Railway Guard

‘Five to ten drops of “Fishers Phospherine” in water after meals is the greatest aid to digestion known.’ Mr. George Bewley of “Trelawney” Erskineville was in a shocking state before consuming four bottles of Fisher’s Phospherine (and a bottle of Fisher’s … Continue reading

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Arnott’s Living Pictures – Alice May Edwards – 9 Lambert Street Erskineville

  The Arnott’s celebrates 150 years website describes the ‘Living Pictures’ advertising campaign as running from 1892 until the 1950s and as having involved tens of thousands of proud mums sending in testimonials with portraits and photographs of their well–fed babies. The lucky few would … Continue reading

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Aldermanic Dignity and Delinquent Municipal Furniture

This is wonderful. Evening News (Sydney) Tuesday, 27 October 1908  

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Nature’s Danger Signals – Mother Seigel’s Syrup

‘There is no form of indigestion or biliousness that will not yield to Mother Seigel’s Syrup.’ Mr. Thomas Butler of 41 Flora Street Erskineville suffered horribly from severe indigestion and stomach cramp before finding relief from a bottle of Mother … Continue reading

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The Staying Powers of Men – Macdonaldtown Park 50yd Race

Good grief. Who knows how it came to this. Now some blokes have been known to overstate their athletic abilities, but I reckon that if you weighed 17st. (108kg) you’d have realised a running race probably wasn’t worth staking your … Continue reading

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