Victoria-terrace – 26 to 40 Charles Street Erskineville

26-40 Charles Street Erskineville

26 to 40 Charles Street Erskineville – August 2015

This terrace row (26 to 40 Charles Street Erskineville) is comprised of eight, two-storey terraces on the eastern side of Charles Street (known as George Street prior to 1912). The terrace makes its first appearance in the 1885 edition of the Sands Directory:

Victoria Terrace Sands Directory extracts

Sands Directory extracts – George Street Macdonaldtown
1884 – 1885 – 1886 – 1887

A record of the ‘Houses in course of Erection’ and the first owner of the terrace appears in the 1883 Assessment Book for the Borough of Macdonaldtown:

Victoria Terrace Construction 1883.PNG

Borough of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book – 1883 (City of Sydney Archives)

The subsequent record for the 1884 year shows the terrace fully occupied:

Victoria Terrace Assessment Book 1884.png

Occupants of Victoria Terrace (George-street, East side going North)
Borough of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book – 1884 (City of Sydney Archives)

The absence of a record in the 1884 Sands Directory (likely compiled some time in the second half of 1883) and the recording of the occupied terrace in the Assessment Book compiled early in 1884 indicates a late 1883/early 1884 completion date

The name of the terrace was not included in subsequent Sands Directories, and street numbering appeared from 1891 onwards in Macdonaldtown in place of the names of houses. This extract of the Sands Directory from 1891 published with street numbering for Macdonaldtown for the first time; and a map published in 1894 shows the street numbering of the row has remained unchanged:

Victoria Terrace Sands Directory extract 1891

Sands Directory – Macdonaldtown
Extract of George street – East Side – 1891

26 to 40 Charles St Erskineville

Victoria-terrace – 26 to 40 George Street Erskineville
City of Sydney Surveyor General’s Office Sydney N.S.W – Sheet 6 – 1894

More background to the original subdivision is available in this article about the Burren Estate.

Subsequent references to Victoria-terrace depict the regular goings-on of suburban Sydney life. Lost animals, births, funerals, rental advertisements, clearing sales, and some on-the-quiet home business activities. The original numbering of the terrace (as 1 to 8 Victoria-terrace) corresponds with the modern numbering of the street (26 to 40 George/Charles Street). Here are some references to the terrace:

Victoria Terrace Erskineville 18 June 1884

Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday, 18 June 1884
(No. 6, Victoria-terrace – 36 Charles Street)

Victoria Terrace Erskineville 21 October 1884.png

Evening News (Sydney) Tuesday, 21 October 1884
(3, Victoria-terrace – 30 Charles Street)

Victoria Terrace Erskineville 25 February 1885.png

Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday, 25 February 1885
(4, Victoria-terrace – 32 Charles Street)

Victoria Terrace Erskineville 3 March 1885.png

Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday, 3 March 1885
(3, Victoria-terrace – 30 Charles Street)

Victoria Terrace Erskineville Lost dog.png

Evening News (Sydney) Tuesday, 7 July 1885
(3, Victoria-terrace – 30 Charles Street)

Madame Roberto Phrenologist and PhysiognomistEvening News (Sydney) Monday, 5 August 1889
(No. 1, Victoria-terrace – 26 Charles Street)

Victoria Terrace Erskineville 21 September 1904.png

Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday, 21 September 1904

The terrace appears again for sale in 1923, with a flurry of advertising in June and July of that year. However, in the intervening period the terrace had been granted a new name:

Melrose Terrace - 26 to 40 Charles Street Erskineville.png

Sydney Morning Herald Saturday, 7 July 1923

Victoria Terrace 2015.png

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