Anderson’s Terrace – 20 to 32 Park Street Erskineville

Eastern side of Park Street (Number 20 at left)

Anderson’s Terrace (20 to 32 Park Street, Erskineville) is located on the eastern side of Park Street, close to Solander Park. Originally a row of six two-storey terraces, the relatively recent incorporation of an additional terrace at the southern end of the row (number 32) makes seven.

The earliest identified reference to Anderson’s Terrace within newspapers is in the form of an advertisement offering No. 1 Anderson’s-terrace for rent:

Anderson's Terrace Park Street Erskineville

Evening News (Sydney) Saturday, 12 September 1885

The advertisements kept appearing. With little variation, advertising for the letting of Anderson’s-terrace continued throughout the remainder of 1885, for the duration of 1886 and beyond until around March 1887:

Anderson's Terrace Park St Macdonaldtown.png

Advertisements for Anderson’s-terrace 1885-1887

The 1885 Borough of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book shows a change in ownership of land in Park Street, with the name ‘Arthur Long’ crossed out and overwritten with the name ‘W. A. Anderson:’

Anderson Park St Macdonaldtown.png

Extract of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book, North Ward, Park Street East Side going North, Year Commencing February 1885 (City of Sydney Archives)

The following year the 1889 Borough of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book records a completed terrace of six houses under the ownership of W. A. Anderson. At the time of the assessment two houses appear to have been unoccupied:

Anderson's Terrace Park Street 1886.png

Extract of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book, North Ward, Park Street East Side going South, Year Commencing February 1886 (City of Sydney Archives)

The association of W. A. Anderson with the terrace bearing their name appears to have been fairly short-lived. The following year the terrace is recorded under the ownership of H. Thompson of Pitt Street Sydney. Additionally, there appears to have been a change in use of one of the houses (number 20), described in the Assessment Book as a shop:

Anderson's Terrace Park Street 1887

Extract of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book, North Ward, Park Street East Side going South, Year Commencing February 1887 (City of Sydney Archives)

The ownership of Anderson’s-terrace by H. Thompson seems to have been similarly short-lived. The 1888 and 1889 Assessment Books showing ownership of the terrace by the Federal Building Society:

Anderson's Terrace Park Street 1888.png

Extract of Borough of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book, North Ward, Park Street East Side, Year Commencing February 1888 (City of Sydney Archives)

Anderson's Terrace Park Street 1889.png

Extract of Borough of Macdonaldtown Assessment Book, North Ward, Park Street East Side going North, Year Commencing February 1889 (City of Sydney Archives)

Arthur Nott was the next person to attempt to make a go of the terrace, the Assessment Books listing him as the owner in the 1890 through to 1894 editions. He appears to have not fared well, and in May 1892 the terrace was offered for sale by auction ‘by order of the Mortgagees:’

Anderson-terrace 1892.png

Sydney Morning Herald Saturday, 7 May 1892

The terrace appears to have remained unsold, however two years later, and coinciding with the liquidation of the Federal Building Society the property was again put to auction:

Anderson's Terrace Park Street 1894.png

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) Saturday, 22 September 1894

A report of the sale published on Monday 1 October 1894 provides the following details of the sale:

Anderson Terrace, six brick houses, Erskineville, £1200

Yep. 1200 pounds for a row of six terraces in Erskineville…

Anderson’s-terrace is depicted in maps published by the Surveyor General’s Office in the 1890’s, and given its location on the Erskineville-Alexandria Municipal boundary it is captured in the mapping of both:

Erskineville & Alexandria Maps - Anderson's Terrace.png

Left: 1894 City of Sydney Section Erskineville – Sheet 3.
Right: 1894 City of Sydney Section Alexandria- Sheet 10.

‘Park-street, near toll-bar, Macdonaldtown’


In 1881 a toll-bar was erected on Erskineville Road (now Railway Parade) to generate funds to compensate for the damage caused to roads by drivers of brick-carts and the like who were evading the Newtown tolls. The toll-bar remained in place until 1890. The location of the toll-bar is recorded in this map of 1886:

Macdonaldtown, Parish of Petersham – Higinbotham, Robinson & Harrison, 1886

Anderson's-terrace 20-32 Park Street Erskineville.png

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4 Responses to Anderson’s Terrace – 20 to 32 Park Street Erskineville

  1. Sean Macken says:

    Nice. The Terraces were eventually bought by Council as affordable accommodation.

    Following the Council amalgamations they were transferred to the Department of Housing. The Department tried to sell them in 1996, but a local campaign of residents and the intervention of then local MP Deidre Grusevin saved them from sale.

    The Department was forced to renovate them and at that time an extra terraced was added.. To my knowledge they are still Housing department properties.


  2. Matt Murphy says:

    Nice work again Michael.

    Regarding the toll bar, I’ve had that map at home for years but never saw the bit in the top corner! It’s amazing what you dig up! I reckon you should apply for a council grant to do more of this stuff.


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