Chamberlain Terrace – 64, 66 & 68 John Street Erskineville

Chamberlain Terrace Erskineville.JPG

Chamberlain Terrace Erskineville

Chamberlain Terrace (64, 66, & 68 John Street Erskineville) is located on the western side of John Street Erskineville, near Albert Street. The terrace makes its first appearance in the 1885 edition of the Sands Directory, indicating it was likely completed the previous year.

Chamberlain Terrace Erskineville 1884 to 1887.png

Sands Directory – John Street Erskineville 1884 – 1885 – 1886 – 1887

Three new residences are seen to appear north of the property of James and Elizabeth Cranston in the 1885 edition of the directory. In 1886 and 1887 the name of the terrace appears as ‘Cumberland terrace.’ In the 1888 edition of the Sands Directory the name of the terrace appears instead as Chamberlain terrace:


Sands Directory – John St Erskineville – 1888




So, a change of name or  some less than accurate record keeping by the Sands Directory transcribers?







Turning to the Council Asessment and Rate Books gives some insight into the name of the terrace and the likely derivation of the terrace’s name. The first appearance of the terrace is in the 1885 edition of the Macdonaldtown Assessment Book. The entry for John Street ‘West Side going South’ records for the first time three brick houses of five rooms each:


Macdonaldtown Assessment Book – John Street- 1885 (City of Sydney Archives)

The 1885 Assessment Book shows in the second column the ‘name of person in occupation,’ which appears to align with the 1886 Sands Directory. The name of the owner of the three houses is shown as ‘J. Chamberlain,’ overwriting the crossed out A. (Albert) Coote. J. Chamberlain is also listed as the payee of the rates.

J. Chamberlain’s association with the property appears to have been short-lived, with J. Chamberlain listed as having paid rates on the property once more in the 1886 Assessment Book, albeit with A. Coote listed in 1886 and in subsequent years as the property owner.

The name of the terrace appears to have stuck however, with advertisements for a household mangle placed by Mr. and Mrs. Coote making three apearances in August and September 1889:

18980827 Household Mangle John Street Macdonaldtown

Evening News (Sydney) Tuesday, 27 August 1889

18980829 Household Mangle John Street Macdonaldtown

Evening News (Sydney) Thursday, 29 August 1889

18980914 Household Mangle John Street Macdonaldtown

Evening News (Sydney) Saturday 14 September 1889
(No. 3 Chamberlain terrace, now 68 John Street)

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