Weymouth Terrace – 60, 62, 66 and 68 Albert Street Erskineville

Weymouth Terrace Erskineville 2016

Weymouth Terrace
North side of Albert Street – Number 60 on left

Weymouth Terrace (60, 62, 66 and 68 Albert Street Erskineville) is a row of four, two-storey terraces on the northern side of Albert Street. Working backwards from the 1884 edition of the Sands Directory, which places Weymouth Terrace between the residences of Charles Ingram and Isabella Orrock (1880: Isabella ‘Harricks’), the first appearance of Weymouth Terrace might be in the 1880 edition:

Weymouth Terrace 1880 1882 1883 1884.png

Weymouth Terrace, Albert Street Macdonaldtown 1880; 1882; 1883; & 1884
(there was no 1881 edition of the Sands Directory)

Whether the fruiterer John James was a resident of Weymouth Terrace in 1880 and 1882 cannot be known for certain from the Sands Directories alone. However, this early reference from the Sydney Morning Herald provides some certainty that Weymouth Terrace was completed prior to April 1880:

Weymouth Terrace Macdonaldtown 1880

Sydney Morning Herald Thursday, 8 April 1880

Weymouth Terrace continued to be referred to in the 1885; 1886; and 1887 editions of the Sands Directory. The name was not included in subsequent directories, and street numbering appeared from 1891 onwards in Macdonaldtown in place of the names of houses.

Weymouth Terrace Macdonaldtown 1885 1886 1887

Weymouth Terrace, Albert Street Macdonaldtown 1885; 1886; 1887

This extract of the Sands Directory from 1891 published with street numbering for Macdonaldtown for the first time; and a map published in 1894 shows Weymouth Terrace as it is numbered today: 60, 62, 66 and 68:

Macdonaldtown Sands Directory extract 1891

Albert Street – North Side 1891

1894 City of Sydney section Erskineville Sheet 10.png

1894 – City of Sydney section Erskineville – Sheet 10

The Weymouth Terrace name appears to have continued on for some time. The terrace was offered for sale in 1923 following the death in August 1922 of its owner (Mrs. Hannah Todd of Hurlstone Park ). The sales notice also connects the original terrace name to the modern day street numbering :

Weymouth Terrace Erskineville 1923.png

Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday, 11 April 1923
(also appearing Saturday 14 April 1923)

Weymouth Terrace Erskineville.png

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