Scott’s Emulsion – Dorothy Downes – A long and continually increasing record of mothers’ successes

In 1909 advertisements appeared around Australia telling the story of little Dorothy Downes of 7 George Street Erskineville (now 7 Charles Street Erskineville). From around May to November 1909 the following story was published of the return to health of the daughter of Mrs. Downes via the constant use of Scott’s Emulsion for her ailing baby:

Dorothy Downes Scotts Emulsion.png

The Advertiser (Adelaide) Friday, 27 August 1909

Scott’s Emulsion (‘cod liver oil with glycerine and the hypophosphites of lime and soda’) is still commercially produced today. There is a very good history of Scott’s Emulsion (The Man with a Fish on His Back: Science, Romance, and Repugnance in the Selling of Cod-Liver Oil) published in Chemical Heritage Magazine in 2010 available here.

7 Charles Street Erskineville.png

7 Charles Street Erskineville

A map of Erskineville published in 1894 shows 7 George Street as part of a row adjacent to the Cosmopolitan Hotel (Number 11). Number 3 and 5 have since been demolished for the widening of the railway.

3 to 11 George Street Erskineville.png

1894 – City of Sydney Section Erskineville – Sheet 10

A check of the Sands Directories for 1908 and a few years either side does not allow for the identification of the Downes family in George Street, with William Day listed in 1907; Samuel Scanes in 1908; and Herbert Spicer in 1908. It may be supposed that the Downes family rented a room or resided at 7 George Street only very briefly. A Family History Search of the NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages provides a potential match, returning a result for Dorothy M. Downes, born in 1904 to Frederick and Clara Downes in the district of St. Peters.

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