Queensland Terrace – 27 to 37 Morrissey Road Erskineville

Queensland Terrace i
Queensland Terrace
East side of Morrissey Road looking north – No. 37 in foreground

Queensland Terrace (27 to 37 Morrissey Road Erskineville) is a row of eleven single-storey terraces located on the eastern side of Morrissey Road (formerly Pleasant Street), between Lambert Street and Victoria Street. A comparison of the 1886; 1887; and 1888 Sands Directory entries shows what might be the tentative appearance of the first residents in 1887, and in 1888 we see the first appearance of an entry for ‘Queensland Terrace.’

Pleasant Street Sands 1886-88Comparison of Pleasant Street (East Side) 1886, 1887 & 1888

In 1886 there are no premises listed south of the property of the painter John Werick. In 1887 eight people are listed south of the property of John Werick (which might indicate the completion, or partial completion of Queensland Terrace), and in 1888 eleven properties are listed as ‘Queensland Terrace’ (with number 3 omitted).

Queensland Terrace appears twice more in the 1889 and 1890 directories, with street numbering appearing for much of Erskineville in the 1891 Directory.

Pleasant Street Sands 1889-91.pngComparison of Pleasant Street (East Side) 1889, 1890 & 1891

All but one the partition walls separating the eleven terraces are adorned with heads of lions. Some a little worse for wear, some with surprisingly good detailing given the layers of paint they would have received over the years:

Lion detail- Queensland Terrace

This extract of a map from 1891 shows Pleasant Street (with numbered allotments):

Pleasant Street 1891.png

1891 – Pleasant Street Erskineville (located between Prospect and George Streets)
Extract of Map of the Municipalities of The Glebe, Camperdown, Newtown, Macdonaldtown & Darlington, Parishes of Petersham and Alexandria – Higinbotham and Robinson

As indicated by the two maps below, it appears Pleasant Street was renamed Morrissey Road at some time in the early 1950s (probably much to the relief of the residents of the adjacent Pleasant Avenue):

Erskineville Civic Survey 1950.png

1951 – Pleasant Street Erskineville (located between Prospect and George Streets)
Extract of Civic Survey, Erskineville

1956 - City Building Surveyors's Detail Sheets - Sheet 19 Erskineville.png

1956 – Morrissey Road Erskineville (located between Prospect and George Streets)
Extract of City Building Surveyor’s Detail Sheets – Sheet 19 Erskineville

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