Rich. Lennon’s Automatic Contrivance

The Sydney Science Festival runs from 13-23 August 2015 so it’s as good a reason as any to showcase the technological advancements coming out of Erskineville, in 1905.

Struggling with his early morning fire-making responsibilities Rich. Lennon rigged an alarm clock to a fire lighter, like a flame-throwing Teasmade to give himself some extra sleep, and to wake to a pre-warmed house:

Lennon's Automatic Firelighter

The World’s News (Sydney), Saturday 28 October 1905

Happily, there appear to have been no fires in Erskineville around the time of the article to suggest a tragic end to Mr Lennon’s experiment. Given his willingness to promote his automatic fire lighter it seems odd that this article appears to be the only reference to Rich. Lennon of Erskineville, and a search of the Sands Directories of the time and the AusPat patent registry does not provide any further insight into the life of Mr. Lennon and this or any of his other contrivances.

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