Louisa Terrace – 31 to 43 Albert Street Erskineville

Louisa Terrace 1881

Louisa Terrace (31 to 43 Albert Street) is located on the south side of Albert Street, between John and Charles Streets. The terrace is comprised of a corner grocery store and six residential terraces, with the date on the parapet of the corner store showing it was constructed in 1881. Here are two references to Louisa Terrace from 1881:

27.08.1881Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 27 August 1881

5.11.1881Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 5 November 1881

As the Sands Directories were not published in 1881, the first appearance of the terrace was in the 1882 edition. William Townsend occupied the corner store on the corner of George (now Charles) Street, and Edward Fisher (mentioned above) lived in the terrace on the corner of Albert and John Streets):

Sands extract 1882

1882 – Albert Street -South side, running East to West

The first reference to the name of the row in the Sands Directory is as ‘Lousia Terrace,’ in the 1884 edition of the directory:Sands extract 1884

1884 – Albert Street – South Side, running West to East

The name of the terrace was rectified for the 1885 edition, but the residents were listed in reverse order:

Sands extract 1885

1885 – Albert Street – South Side, running West to East

Here is the row as it appeared in the Surveyor General’s Map of Erskineville, published in 1894, and numbered as 25 to 37 Albert Street:

1894 map extract

1894 – City of Sydney section Erskineville – Sheet 10

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